Taxation & Financial Planning

Our clients are creative, ambitious and entrepreneurial - and we understand that type of approach. We offer a complete and practical solution to all your tax planning and compliance requirements; we endeavour to fully understand your particular circumstances and combine that with our taxation experience to offer solutions.


Tax planning is integral to the business decisions you make. At Swan O Sullivan, our highly experienced professionals strive to anticipate your tax needs. Where necessary, we take the initiative. We use our imagination, explore ideas, and see the implications. Evaluate their impact on your life and business. We develop sound recommendations - the best ways possible to minimize your taxes and increase your financial security and expertly manage and govern your finances.


Companies who fail to manage their finances are encumbering the greatest cost of all. Our highly versed and professional team will work closely with you to structure your resources in the most tax efficient manner. As well as promising to help have all of your filling requirements met by their appropriate deadline dates.

Our Tax Planning services include the following:

  • Income Tax
    • Statutory Dates
    • Tax Incentives
    • All information in relation to PAYE and self-employed returns, the due dates and taxation of individuals including Form11's, P35's & P30's
  • Corporate Tax
    • Tax planning and ongoing assessments of Body Corporate in relation to due dates for preliminary Corporation Tax and final payment of Corporation Tax and all areas of tax planning in relation to Corporation Tax.
  • Capital Tax
    • Capital Gains Taxes
    • Capital Acquisitions Tax
    • Stamp Duty
  • VAT
    • VAT registration
    • VAT planning in and outside the European Union in conjunction with the VAT Acts.
  • VAT on Property
    • Registration for VAT on property in accordance with the VAT legislation and the planning thereof, to receive input credits, to get refunds for residential and commercial property.
  • Self-Administered Fund
    • Reduces Personal & Corporate Tax
    • Buying property through the Self-Administered Fund
    • Registering for VAT and reclaiming the VAT in the Self-Administered Fund
    • Creating wealth within the Fund